Sebastian Greenwood – Changing Your Life Through Network Marketing

Today, network marketing has become one of the most lucrative ways to become successful in the business world. Despite popular belief, network marketing, also known as direct sales or multilevel marketing, is not a hobby or a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, it is a flexible, entrepreneurial business strategy that enables you to earn money by running your own part- or full-time business. Unlike other types of business, network marketing is able to utilize independent representatives to reach potential customer bases that traditional marketing methods are not able to.

Sebastian Greenwood has become a household name amongst the nearly 13 million people who are involved in the network marketing industry. A native of Sweden, he has been educated around the world in the fields of marketing, finance, and business. But Mr. Greenwood’s current success was no easy achievement; when he first began working in network marketing in 2003, he experienced the ugly side of the industry that is seen too often. When distributors bring teams into marketing opportunities that are not 100 percent foolproof, failure can occur. Mr. Greenwood was involved with five different unsuccessful ventures at the beginning of his career – a number that could easily dissuade any young entrepreneurs from involving themselves in network marketing ever again.

However, Mr. Greenwood distinguishes himself with two significant qualities that are critical to achieving success in this volatile industry: ambition and perseverance. These initial failures taught him how to be more selective when choosing a potential business endeavor, and eventually, this cautiousness paid off – literally. Today, he can claim a wide array of renowned business titles and positions, including the director of sales at Greenwood Communications, CEO of Mediahead, founder of iPayto, and co-founder and CEO of LOOPIUM.

Mr. Greenwood believes that the key element of success in the network marketing industry is to never give up. Without his unwavering work ethic and the help he received from his numerous mentors over the years, Mr. Greenwood would not be the impressively successful entrepreneur he is today. Even after success, Mr. Greenwood knows that you must continue to stay motivated. For him, helping others to grow professionally and reach the level of success he has achieved is the fundamental reason that motivates him to work his hardest every day. Personal development is crucial to becoming a successful professional and person, which is why Sebastian Greenwood strives to learn, grow, and share his knowledge with others.


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