Sebastian Greenwood: Know Your Goals

The term goal oriented is one of the most common on curriculum vitae submissions in today’s employment climate. Graduates seem dead set on communicating to their potential employers that they are driven by the benefits that lie ahead of them and that these can sustain a hard work ethic across time. Whilst this is a good mind to keep in the business world does everybody csebastian-greenwoodlaiming that they are goal oriented know what such a thing means? Do they aim to expand on it or to conform to how others practice it? For Swedish entrepreneur and digital businessman Sebastian Greenwood to be goal oriented means much more than simply looking to the gold at the end of the rainbow. Profits and success are one thing to dream about to get them closer to you and to your team requires serious thought. The efforts he has made across a lifelong career can share some secrets on the term and how to go about being a goal oriented person.

Sebastian Greenwood has revealed that achieving your own goals means setting the goals of others first and helping them to get there, too. He learnt this fact as a top distributor at the crypto currency OneCoin where he builds huge teams across the world via the Internet. The purpose of building such a large team is to grow the company as a whole, so therefore the benefit of the company relies on the benefit of the individual. The job of Sebastian Greenwood was to make sure that the goals of his team were in line with the goals of the company, an action that set straight the course for success and made sure that there was a serious collective effort to succeed.

For Sebastian Greenwood this is the definition of being goal oriented. It does not mean being self-interested or working only for your success, it means considering everything around you and bringing into account the ways in which others can contribute to a collective cause. Being goal oriented is something that is never as simple as the sentence on an employment cover letter, it is a corpus of practice that evolves and expands as time goes on and new experiences come your way. Sebastian Greenwood has learned that this is necessary in order to succeed, but it is a rewarding process in itself once mastered.


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